What is a Visual Lifestyle Cashflow Plan and how does it help?

Date published: September 23, 2022

In conversation with: John Whitehead

Visual Lifestyle Cashflow Planner

In its simplest form, our Visual Lifestyle Cashflow Plan illustrates how much money our clients will have available to spend at anyone time throughout their lives.

As the accumulation of wealth has no real value unless we exchange it for something, a lifestyle cashflow plan allows us to take a deep dive into our long term financial future. Such careful planning can help ensure we will have adequate money to meet our lifestyle needs – or as John Whitehead of Wimbledon Wealth says: ‘It enables us to get busy living!’

At the outset of any presentation to our clients, John emphasises that although he uses the information we hold today to view our future lifestyle potential, naturally this is not set in stone – it can only be our future lifestyle of today. However, by utilising an interactive Visual Cashflow Plan as part of our Financial Planning Strategy, it really empowers us to be in full control of our long term decision making.

Our Visual Lifestyle Cashflow Plan Simplifies the Complex

A detailed analysis of our income and expenditure gives instant clarification on exactly what is essential and what is lifestyle spend. At a glance it enables us to highlight any potential future shortfalls that could occur as we journey through our age-related milestones. It also allows us to build in larger financial commitments, such as replacing a car, taking an adventurous holiday, educating our children, etc.

Designed to reassure

‘Naturally, the work involved in producing this type of financial cashflow is complex and detailed,’ explains John. “It’s a case of sifting through all types of incomes and assets – including pensions and savings – in order to make predictions based on some modest assumptions. However, by combining figures with interactive graphics, it means we can deliver the results to our clients in a meaningful way.’

Shines a light

‘I love maths, but it can be such a dry subject’, says John, smiling. ‘Also our clients are inevitably ‘time poor’, so by creating an interactive, colourful visual aide, it helps speed up the comprehension process. It’s also proved to be a more entertaining way to deliver information to our clients.’ ‘I believe in taking a light hearted approach as it means we can celebrate the future together. Even if there’s bad news at some point and the graph turns red, it shines a light on where this is and allows us the time to make adjustments, or even to change direction.’

A route map not a destination

‘However, I’m also known as Captain Cautious as I always err on the safe side when analysing future interest rates’, continues John. ’Regular financial planning reviews using our Visual Lifestyle Cashflow Plan, means we can help guide our clients towards a financially secure future; it’s a route map not a destination. This means they can continue to enjoy their lifestyle in retirement, along with one of the most valuable currencies of all – time.’