Services Offered

Wimbledon Wealth will help you invest today for your tomorrow.


What We Offer

Private Client Advisory

Sophia’s private client enjoys discrete, confidential, and personalised investment and insurance services. Whether they wish to accumulate wealth or enjoy it after retirement, private clients receive accurate advice to help administer and protect everything they’ve been working for.

Inheritance Tax Planning

During the planning process, Sophia assesses clients’ personal and financial goals and analyses the impact of tax laws. She then designs and delivers a bespoke strategy that will ensure the successful implementation of client goals.


Sophia can help design, implement, and maintain a UK compliant and first-rate retirement program for any organisation. Why not work with Sophia, and together we’ll help meet the needs of your employees?

Trust Planning & Advice

Sophia administers and manages trust accounts, each individually invested to maximise the benefits for trust beneficiaries, all whilst observing and adhering to the trust’s objectives and applicable laws.

Investment Portfolio Management

Together with her clients, Sophia can help design personalised investment strategies and solutions tailored to individual objectives that also respect distinct interpretations of risk.

Pension Transfers

Sophia prides herself on independent, unbiased information and advice when counselling clients considering a pension transfer. She works with clients to ensure a balanced, well-informed, and well-coordinated strategy that supports their decision-making.

Financial Advice

Picture yourself in five years. Where do you see yourself? Now, picture yourself in ten years. Or at retirement. Like your personal hopes and dreams, your financial goals are as unique as you are. Speak with Sophia today; your future self will thank you.


When unforeseen circumstances arise, your personal wealth may not meet your costs. You and your family are left vulnerable to life’s uncertainties with no insurance cover. Sophia can guide you in choosing the investment plans that secure your family’s financial future.

Medical Insurance for Corporations

All employees look forward to generous medical coverage as part of the benefits package provided by their organisations. Many medical insurance solutions are available to fit your organisation’s budget and keep your staff satisfied, and Sophia can assist you in selecting the right one for your requirements.